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How to get admitted to the right alcohol rehabilitation program is very important. Not everyone needs the same level...


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Being addicted to drugs is one of the most dangerous and serious problems to face in a person’s life; not just for the addict...



It is hard to admit you have a problem with the drugs or alcohol. Once you take the first step by admitting you have a problem it is time to seek help. Many people from the east coast come to Florida for their lovely beaches and vacation destinations. They also come to Florida for the opportunity to experience a Florida rehab.

When someone is seeking help for addiction they want to find a freedom from a life that has kept them chained to the drug of their choice. When they pick up the phone to call for help they are praying that the person on the other end really understands the dilemma they’ve gotten themselves into. Most centers have a staff that are very accommodating and I understand not only how to help a person find the help they need but also to direct them to a facility that will meet their needs clinically, financially, and geographically.

Florida has several types of rehab facilities: detox, residential, day treatment, intensive outpatient, and outpatient. The “Florida Model” of treatment is where an individual resides in a home or apartment complex and goes to therapy every day for their drug or alcohol addiction at the rehab facility. This model was created to be an affordable option for an addict seeking help.

There are detoxification programs specifically for designed to treat an opiate addiction – this can be a person who is addicted to heroin or narcotic prescription drugs, as well as benzodiazepine addiction, alcohol, and a variety of other physically addictive drugs. A detoxification program for alcoholism and drug addiction is usually separate from the “Florida Model” certified facility that has doctors and nurses on staff.

One of the biggest questions that is often asked about getting help “How much does it cost?” addiction treatment is covered by most insurance policies weather you have an HMO or PPO. Many times when you call for help the center answering the phone will ask for your insurance information so they can check your benefits and help guide you choosing the best facility. If you do not have insurance, there are programs that are state-funded. There are also nonprofit programs throughout the state. Florida’s substance abuse and mental health department can guide you if insurance or private pay is not an option for you or your family. The cost for treatment varies based on the level of care one is receiving. If you are going to a private facility utilizing your insurance the fees can be as high as $30,000 or as low as $5000 depending on your specific needs. Since insurance covers most facilities services for an addict and alcoholic it makes getting help quite accessible.

There has been a new insurgence of designer drug addiction such as bath salts and spice can cause unbelievable damage due to the hallucinogenic effects of the drug. These drugs or easily accessible and unfortunately or really affecting our younger population.

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