Largo Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Florida

Alcoholism and Addiction is not a life sentence.

There is hope, recovery is possible.

Finding help in an alcohol or drug rehab center in Largo, Florida is actually quite easy. There are many addiction centers in Pinellas County. The question becomes “How do you choose the right rehab program?” “How do you know which program is right for you or the one you love?” For the person looking for themselves – you have to be willing and admit you have a problem, or at least be willing to consider that your drinking or using is causing problems. If you are looking for someone you love – it is important to know they might need your tough love to help get them options for treatment.

In town residence can't find treatment.
Largo residents have hope for rehabilitation!
Most addicts or alcoholics truly believe they can quit anytime they want to quit. Some quit with a determined mind set daily, only to drink or use drugs again. So once a person or family member knows help is needed – “what do you actually do?” “What type of help – and what location – is the best for you or your loved one?”

It all begins with a phone call! There are many rehab programs near Largo, Florida, or throughout Pinellas County to choose from. Understanding the level of care is what any professional you speak with can explain. Based on the level of daily consumption it must be determined if you will need a detoxification program, a residential living program, a partial day program, an intensive out patient program, or counseling in an outpatient setting. Largo residents have hope for a full recovery. Some individuals begin at the highest level of care – drug or alcohol detox, and then step down to a lower level as they begin to heal.

Untreated Alcoholism and Addiction

According to SAMHSA’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 23 million people needed help for substance and alcohol abuse – a whopping 9.4% of the nation’s population. A reported 2.4 million actually received help in the form of an addiction treatment center, hospital or rehab facility. This leaves over 20 million people across America who needed help and did not receive it.

Why Seek Help?

There are many statistics that support some type of specialized treatment as a part of someone recovery process having the highest success rate. There are key characteristics and principles of effective treatment techniques that can be utilized by any treatment facility. Practices and principles about treatment include:

  • The understanding that addiction and alcoholism is a disease, serious in nature but entirely treatable with the right actions.
  • Addiction and alcoholism affect the brain, body and mind of an individual.
  • There is no universal treatment that will be effective for everyone, each person is unique in how they will recover and what will best for them to maintain sober.
  • Length of treatment is an imperative factor – most rehabs have a 30- to 90-day programs, followed by aftercare and preceded by detox. Anything less than that has proven much less effective.
  • Clinical Therapy is a crucial piece of a person’s rehab process. Most drug and alcohol programs offer therapy or counseling in the form of group therapy, family therapy and one-to-one therapy.
  • Many addicts and alcoholics also have mental health disorders alongside their addiction that must be treated for optimal recovery, this is commonly referred to as dual-diagnosis.
  • Signs of withdrawal and detox need to be monitored closely by medical staff. Detoxing from certain drugs and alcohol can be dangerous and patients/clients should be watched during the initial stages.

There are many centers that are based on a 12-step system of recovery and a few that stand as some of the most prominent and successful treatment centers in Florida.

With the proper treatment, you and your family can find recovery. Call today and inquire about the best Florida rehabs and begin the journey to a lasting recovery.

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